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I don’t know how they did this and where their sources are coming from.And to tell the truth I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor started with them.But, obvi, that hasn't stopped fans from writing Seth Cohen/Blair Waldorf fanfic.While the pair maintained that they were friends while shooting 2011's "Green Lantern," there must've been something that clicked, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten married in 2012.From newlyweds to long-time partners, here are 10 celebrity couples who fell in love on set.(And, as of June 2017, all these couples are still together—take that, world.) Despite Brody's fizzled-through romance with Rachel Bilson in 2003, the actor eventually found love with the "Gossip Girl" star and fellow teen drama alum.According to a mysterious report, the legendary Rapper and actress Queen Laifah is marrying her alleged girlfriend of four year, Eboni Nicholas.

They welcomed their first child, Arlo, in 2015, and have probably been living in bliss ever since.Because who else would go out of their way to not only called someone a confirmed lesbian but to also give her a long-term girlfriend?How could they have spun such a large story based off of an old picture. They do have a point there and I won’t bother denying it event though it could have been an awkward angle. I don’t think Queen has ever been ashamed of her sexuality (whatever it may be) although I do believe she keeps her private life separate as a way to escape anyone commenting on her life.As you can see and hear by now that doesn’t necessarily work to the degree she wishes it does.

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